B2c traders sell dresses and bags

B2c traders sell dresses and bags for the story so people do not blame Governor Jokowi when there are problems that arise from B2c traders sell dresses and bags.

“Why do I explain this because a lot of the problems faced by the Governor. Nowadays a lot of complaints, do not understand. ‘s Name instead entered the rivers in Jakarta, it was not in his authority. ( Kali ) Ciliwung, ( Kali ) Houses and about 12 ( times ) it flows downstream to go to Jakarta. But upstream ?”Megawati said.

Megawati urged people to take care of the Ciliwung Condet by not throwing garbage in the river. He also told me that he had just returned from Tokyo.

“I am amazed at Tokyo, amazingly clean. Fact no cigarette butts. Society appreciated the cleanliness,”says Mega is concerned with environmental issues is hoping people take inspiration from the developed city.

As a senior Golkar politician in Banten, share and Wisdom Tomet services are not small. Thanks to the actions of the husband of Queen ATUT Choisyah, Banten became one of the barns Golkar Beach mainstay voice in the election.